This journey can be a roller coaster ride of emotions and I will be brutally honest as I open my life through this blog in order to help others to better understand.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Beta Day

So I know I haven't posted anything since my transfer but I have been unbelievably busy!!! In fact, just got back from wedding in California. It was nice and it helped keep my mind off of things. Also not much as really happen as far as transfer. This time I decided not to POAS and for me personally, it was the best decision I ever made. Symptom wise not much to write home about breasts look pretty much the same as they always do, maybe the slightest of tenderness but not sure if that is because I keep checking!!! They do ache on the sides though. On the 6th and 7th day pass transfer I had quite a bit of cramping and lower back pain. Now you have to remember some people say these are good signs but are bodies are so full of meds they like to play tricks on us. But for me the lack of change in appearance in the breasts is not a good sign. We will see though. Had blood drawn at 8:15 AM and they said I would here back from them between 1 and 4!!! Part me wishes they would hurry up and call and the other part doesn't want my PUPO status to end. Will update later.


  1. OK your time is UP! You know I am stalking you waiting to hear. Praying so hard for you girlie! xoxo

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